Excavating contractors in Brighton, Trenton and BellevilleSteve Crowe Excavating Limited offers a full range of excavating and other building services, from basements to septic systems to demolition. We also remove accumulated snow banks from commercial parking lots on an as needed basis. Located in Brighton, Ontario, we serve commercial businesses as well as homeowners in eastern Northumberland County, Quinte West, County of Prince Edward and surrounding areas.

A family operated business since 1987.

We have an excellent reputation in the area, and are well known for our honesty, integrity, and knowledge gained through years of experience.When you choose us, you will deal directly with Steve, who is the owner/operator of the company, along with our qualified and friendly staff.

Free Estimates:

We offer free estimates for all your excavating needs. Just call us and Steve will visit your site to answer your questions, take down the specifics about your job, and give you a free quote.

What our customers like about us:

We stick to our quoted price, and will not add extra fees. If, during the job you decide that you would like extra work done that was not quoted in the original price, we will advise you of those costs beforehand.

Looking for Aggregates and Landscaping Materials?

We carry sand, gravel, limestone products, topsoil, triple mix, brick sand and moreā€¦

Need Mulch? Visit Creations Landscaping Products to see what is available at our LANDSCAPING PRODUCTS YARD.


Our Excavation and Haulage Services Include:

Basements, Roads, and Driveways

Our experience and expertise is a vital asset in helping our customers throughout all stages of building a new home. As our customer, we will listen to you, in order to help make your dream home come true, and offer sound advice in planning house elevation and grading, always keeping in mind cost effectiveness, water drainage and curbside appeal.

Conventional Septic Systems

We design and install conventional septic systems including:

  • Trench beds
  • Filter media systems
  • Infiltrator systems.

Advanced Septic Systems

We are a licensed installer for the environmentally friendly Waterloo Biofilter Systems. These are Advanced Septic Systems for Homes and Cottages.

These systems are an excellent choice for:

  • Lots that are too small for a conventional system
  • Homes or cottages on waterfront property,
  • Cottages without electricity
  • Environmentally sensitive areas, high water tables, and clay soils.

There are several advantages to installing a Waterloo Biofilter System. Some of these include:

  • 20 year warranty through Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.
  • Energy efficient - No air compressors required
  • Smallest footprints approved in Ontario
  • Blends in naturally with your site, minimizes raised mounds and tree removal

For more information on Waterloo Biofilter Systems see: waterloo-biofilter.com

Topsoil Screening

Our Roto-screen Recuperator R450 Portable Trommel Screening Plant will meet your needs for large amounts of screened topsoil with speed and efficiency. By moving our machine to your site and screening your topsoil, you will pay a fraction of the cost of purchasing screened topsoil from offsite sources. Material can be screened directly into a dump truck for moving topsoil onsite, or to other locations.


You can count on our experience and efficiency in demolition.

We will remove your unwanted building in a safe and timely manner, dispose of the debris in an approved licensed landfill site near you, and leave a neat and tidy, level space in its place.

Commercial Snow Removal

Please note: we no longer offer snowplowing services.We do provide snow removal for businesses, i.e. removal of accumulated snow banks from commercial parking lots on an as needed basis.


Landscaping Materials Calculator

Not sure how much material you need? Use our handy landscape materials calculator.

Please note that our calculator does not figure in compaction. To compensate for compaction, contractors generally add about 15% more. Often, rounding the number up to the nearest whole number is enough.

Total yards required:

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We're located in the Brighton Industrial Park
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